Get Adapted.

As global warming is the issue of much concern, I just wonder why are there are not much effort put on prepared to be adapt to whatever condition that may arise. Today people are educated more, invent more luxurious things, learn to live in modern life and so fort. But the effects of global warming is said to be fast as predicted. I beleive this fast effects will be very disastrous. People will be caught in surprise.

One of such example of unpreparedness is continuos using of air condition and refrigerator. When the earth get warmer, people get more of such appliances to counter this hot condition. But on the other side, it only increase the demand for more fossil fuel and inject more greenhouse gases. So when the earth is getting too hot, people will not able to survive in such a condition of unused. I believe this is the chance to try and started used to hot climate, when this earth is gradually getting hotter and hotter. If we continue to rely on technologies to cool us, then we will be hardly to counter the severe effects of global warming. The fossil fuel that powers the things we rely on will be run out in a few years. And in the end, we will be stuck in no where to cool us. Therefore what we are doing right now is we are " digging our own grave".

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well i m very satisfied that by using our own technologies we r digging our own grave well global warming is one of the chief concern and subject to be carefully treated in 21 centuary we have to create and apply the the use of our technologies keepin in mind the affect of our technoligies.Earth is our home we should take care of it we look after our own house all the people around the world should be made aware about global warming oterwise within few years it would be difficult to survive in our own home,iwould plead all the readers to invest some mind to deal with global warming"SAVE EARTH"