Is there something more that can be done?

I am not a scientist, but it seems to me that simply reducing the ongoing pollution is not enough.

We live in a naturally occuriing, self generating environment. That requires a great deal of balance, and nature provides its own mechanisms to let the pendulam swing, but not to far. By creating an overburdened situation with one of natures filtering systems, the rise and falll of season tempuratures in a controlled manner, man has pushed the balance of natures sytem, perhaps beyond it limits.

I am not on anyone's inside list, so perhaps this type of research is occurring but not in the public eye. Global warming is being caused by upwards pressure on the CO2 volume in our atmosphere. We hear daily how we need to lower the amount we add to our atmosphere to keep the situaton from reaching disatrous levels. This seems to leave alone the idea that we have already done a lot of damage to a vital system, leaving more heavy carbon material in our atmosphere than required in the very delicate formula of our atmosphere.

The near future of our world, perhaps our own grandchildren, will depend on our cleaning uo the mess we have created. If you have ever worked in a jbo that required 'repari and maintanance', you know the importance of cleaning out any 'corrosion'. Imaging the atmosphere as Earth's colling system, and the CO2 needs to be flushed to allow the coolant to worked properly.

I do not have the knowledge to suggest how to do this, but plead for those who do, to begin the effort to find a way to clean up the mess humanity has made of our Earth.